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  • Beautiful Two Tone Diamond Cut Ladies Bangle

  • 10K Two Tone Ladies Bangle

  • Italian Glitter Bangle in Yellow Gold

  • Ladies Glitter Bangle in Yellow-White or Rose Gold

  • Bangle Glitter Rose Gold

  • Bangle White Gold with Glitter

  • Rose Gold Bangle with Pinstripes of Glitter

  • Gold Bangle Glittering Tri-Banded White

  • Bangle White Gold with Banded Geometric Glitter

  • Bangle in Rose Gold with Glitter Accent

  • Womens Bangle White Gold Glitter

  • Bangle Rose Gold and Glitter

  • 10K Glitter Bangles in Yellow-White or Rose Gold

  • Double Banded Yellow Gold Bangle

  • Italian10 Karat Yellow Gold Bangle

  • Bangle10 Karat Gold and Glitter

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